The first thing I noticed about this glove is the bright orange color, since it’s my favourite. I was actually looking for quirky additions to my kitchen aids and utensils over at the Amazon. It has been long overdue, but I finally found some time to upgrade my kitchen.1000_X_8821

So when I scrolled down the product descriptions, I’m quite impressed with their claims. I had to see and test it for myself. To have cost-efficient Amazon transaction, I ordered two. When the package arrived, I immediately tested it with my stainless steel large pot in the stove. The pot has no holder, and it has been a problem for me whenever I need to take it out of the stove after cooking. My previous solution was to just let it sit there until it cools. That means I can’t use that part of the stove for a while. Why don’t I throw it away? Well for one it is an heirloom from my grandmother and it is cooks really good slow-cook meals.

I used it on the stainless steel pot and voila! I successfully transferred the very hot steel pot onto the not-so-near kitchen counter. That’s something that will get me finger burns when I use the kitchen cloths or potholders. But thanks to these gloves, my hands are burn-free!

Also, I love the fact that it’s dishwasher-safe. Do I recommend it? Of course!

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